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Historical Restoration / Churches / Institutional Services in IL, IA, IN and WI

Roofing and Architectural sheet metal installation in IL and WI for 4 generations!

ECS Roofing has the sheet metal fabrication shop to complete cornice repair, custom gutter fabrication and any and all Architectural metal fabrication. 

Please contact ECS Roofing is you wish to restore, renovate, or replicate a sheet metal detail.

ECS Roofing has a inventory of salvaged slate, salvaged tile, we even stock weather cedar shakes and shingles for repairs.

ECS Roofing will perform historic restoration work on roofs throughout Illinois. Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin.  ECS Roofing maintains roofing licenses in many surrounding states, if we are not currently licensed in your areas we have the ability to obtain required licenses.  We have completed projects throughout the country by partnering with local roofing contractor that do not have the technical experience required to complete the project.  ECS Roofing will work with your local contractor to compete your restoration, our skilled craftsman will train your roofing contractor in old world roofing installations.

ECS Roofing will salvage slate and tile roofs prior to remodeling, demolition or redevelopment.  ECS will store material for future installations, consignment, or sale.  ECS Roofing would like to help you preserve your property.  ECS Roofing wants to install roofs that last a lifetime.